Vertas Group celebrates colleague achievements with special lunch

Submitted by Connie Maddock | 31/01/2024

With nurturing talent at the heart of Vertas Group’s Aspire to Inspire (A2I) programme, the company is pleased to support its colleagues to reach their potential while contributing to the collective success of the Group.

On Tuesday, January 30th, Vertas Group was delighted to host a celebratory lunch for colleagues who have recently completed its esteemed A2I Leadership Programme. The lunch was a success, with nine select attendees chosen to partake in the programme for consistently surpassing expectations in their roles.   

Earlier this week, the celebration provided colleagues with the deserved recognition for their outstanding achievements during the programme. Colleagues received a welcome from Vertas Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Surtees, and A2I programme leader, Debbie Fish, Vertas Group’s Senior Organisational Development Partner, who personally commended colleagues for their accomplishments, before awarding their certificates.

The six-month A2I programme, split into three sprints, focuses on personal empowerment, aspiring teams and inspiring leadership and is designed to develop leadership skills. For the cohort taking part, the programme is an empowering opportunity, providing individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in their roles.

Vertas Group is keen to invest in leadership development, recognising it plays a key role in driving the company forward. The A2I programme exemplifies the company’s dedication to prioritising its people, highlighting the value of continuous learning and development within Vertas Group.

The company is delighted to applaud colleagues for their accomplishments while reaffirming their commitment to creating a culture prioritising growth rich with opportunities.

Ian Surtees, MBA FIoD, Vertas Group Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are tremendously proud to offer the Aspire to Inspire programme to colleagues across the business, showcasing our unwavering commitment to investing in the growth and development of our colleagues. We acknowledge a substantial amount of time and effort goes into completing the programme and are pleased to provide colleagues with the deserved recognition for their outstanding achievements.

We recognise the success of our company is tied to the ability of our colleagues to reach their full potential, and we are pleased to prioritise learning and development within our organisation, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.”

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