We are passionate about healthy, fresh, local, ingredients.

We provide bespoke catering to Primary, Academy and Senior schools, Colleges and Universities, as well as commercial sites and leisure facilities.

At Vertas, we understand that the nutritional choices available to our customers are crucial to their health, growth, concentration and development. Whether it is their ability to learn at school or their concentration at work good nutrition is essential. We offer balanced food, cooked by professional staff that looks and tastes great.

We have pledged our commitment to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please initiative. We will continue to develop our menus to ensure that a minimum of six varieties of vegetables and salads are available each week in our customer’s meal experience. We will add extra vegetables to composite dishes on our menus including our ‘Life on the Veg’ and ‘Pulse’ menu specials. We will offer fresh homemade soup as a daily special during the winter months in High Schools which are made from a vegetable base.


Our Food Philosophy

Passionate about food – local seasonal ingredients for fresh food made from scratch traceable from farm to fork.

Partnership Ethos – teams are supported by a great local management team, our frontline staff form part of your team, they come from your community, supporting your local vision and the region’s economy.

Success From Integrity – What we say we will do, we do!

 Peas Please

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We currently provide a variety of catering services to:

  • Commercial and public sector offices
  • Leisure and tourism sites
  • Health and care settings
  • High schools and colleges
  • Primary schools
  • Corporate hospitality service

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Mile Cross Primary School

“We have been delighted by the service provided by Vertas to date. Vertas definitely offer a ‘can do’ solution to our catering requirements”

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