Design and Property Consultancy

Specialising in the delivery of quality, innovative and value-focused projects that bring your visions to life.

Working across numerous specialisms, Concertus is a passionate multi-disciplinary design and property consultancy. Their team of property specialists and designers provide innovative solutions to make places, properties, and people the best they can be.

All professional disciplines work collaboratively to achieve a solution that is sustainable, inspirational, and empowers current and future generations. Being considerate and client focused, Concertus explores the benefits, above and beyond your original requirements, delivering all projects to an exceptional standard.

Over recent years Concertus has been working on projects within Bedford, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Central Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, Essex, London, Norfolk, and Suffolk. In order to expand, the company is working on geographically diversifying its client base, framework agreements and project reach. In 2020 Concertus reached another key milestone in its growth strategy when it started its joint venture with Derbyshire County Council. Concertus have offices in both Ipswich, Suffolk and Matlock, Derbyshire.

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