Courier and Postal

Our Courier and Postal service, based at Gipping Court in Ipswich, provide a wide range of all Courier and Mailroom services. Renowned as a ‘can-do’ service, the courier and postal team can also undertake secure shredding and removals to suit your budget.

Our local drivers can carry mail as well as parcels, moving internal resources seamlessly around your organisation, wherever the location

  • Currently Vertas moves in the region of
    100,000 library books around Suffolk each week ensuring each library is well
  • We collect and dispose of
    secure shredding in accordance with waste transfer regulations
  • We deliver to all Suffolk schools
    once a week
  • We carry any and all items requested, ensuring these are moved safely and efficiently
  • We put thousands of items a week through our collation machine, ensuring these are packed quickly and professionally.

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