Your security is of critical importance to us – we provide security solutions to meet your needs. Our security team manage sites as part of a facilities management offering or as stand alone sites.

Vertas have expanded the security services that are provided and supply:

  • Manned site security
  • Keyholding and alarm response
  • Mobile patrols,
  • Secure locking and unlocking service
  • Remote monitored CCTV
  • Lone worker monitoring
  • Security consultancy.

To support this expansion, we have employed a management team with over 50 years combined experience of security. This includes both purchasing and providing security services at commercial premises including: shopping centres, leisure site, retail security and loss prevention and a significant amount of operational experience.

We provide SIA licensed security professionals to premises and seamless access control for both large and small organisations ensuring your assets remain safe and secure. Vertas Security management will carry out a full survey of each of the premises and from this will supply full Assignment Instructions (AIs) and risk assessments for each individual site.

Manned Site Security

We can supply your business with security officers who are licensed for the duties they are expected to undertake at your premises in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act 2001. They are motivated to provide you with exceptional customer service. We aim to understand your company and add value by providing you with the service that you and your customers require.

We understand the importance of ensuring that our security operatives are professional in both appearance and demeanour. Frontline security personnel are the face of our company and yours so we ensure that our staff are fully aware of your company brand and culture prior to their deployment.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Our Keyholding & Response team can assist you in protecting your business by offering a reliable and quick response in the event of notification of an alarm activation. We offer a cost-effective outsourced keyholding services, so we can take care of these without putting your staff at risk or disturbing them.

We can act as a first response key holder to customers in both the commercial and residential sectors.

On an activation of your intruder alarm, fire alarm or any other type of monitored alarm, our 24-hour Control Room can dispatch a mobile response officer to your premises. On arrival, our officer will follow detailed response plan to ensure that the situation is dealt with in the best way possible according to agreed instruction and where necessary a pre-agreed escalation process.

Mobile Patrol Service

Vertas Security can offer Mobile Security Patrols of both residential and commercial premises as a cost-effective alternative to a permanent manned guarding presence. A uniformed Officer in a marked security vehicle will conduct a patrol as per your specified arrangements. Working with you to build a security package that meets your needs, we are able to react as required at short notice depending on the risk to your business.

In the event there is an incident, we will remain on site and follow the pre-arranged escalation process to ensure your building is as secure as possible.

We will also provide warning boards, gate signs and window stickers to provide a visible notification that security patrol your premises.

Secure Locking and Unlocking

Vertas now provides a locking and unlocking service as part of our mobile service; ensuring that a designated and approved keyholder is always available to lock and alarm your premises at the close of business. We also guarantee that your workforce can enter your property at the agreed time, reducing the cost of key replacements and reducing lost time waiting for a Keyholding member of staff to open the premises.

When locking the premises, we will patrol the entire site to ensure that your building is secure before setting the alarm system. During an unlock, a patrol of the site will be conducted to ensure it is safe for your staff to enter.


We can assist you with a number of monitoring and technology options to help address the risks to your premises or employees. We can provide innovative technology solutions including CCTV and Access Control systems, all monitored from our 24-hour control room. This can be one-off option or as part of a tailor-made package to suit your needs.

Lone Worker Protection

Health and Safety of employees who work alone at any time are of great importance to Vertas. We can supply a range of solutions to limit their exposure to risk, ensure a robust escalation process is in place, and guarantee that they receive the relevant assistance as soon as possible. Our security advisors will generate a risk profile for your staff and advise you on the relevant options that fulfils your requirements. All our lone worker protection options are supported by our 24/7 Control Room.

Security and Risk Consultancy

With over 50 years of experience across a wide range of industries, our security team can offer advice and assistance to aid you in
identifying risks and finding solutions to mitigate the risk, whilst understanding any budgetary constraints. We will work in partnership with you throughout the process, and will assist you in implementing our recommendations.

Rarely will one solution mitigate all the risks, we will work with you to identify each risk and present several options to you, giving you an understanding of how they will work together to reduce your risk profile.

Vacant Property Protection

Vertas Security are specialists in the protection of vacant and managed commercial property. We can provide a range of physical and electronic solutions to protect your property against risks such as criminal and accidental damage and unauthorised access or encampment.

We will work with you and your insurance company to provide a viable solution to protect your asset whilst it is vacant.

In line with our other service offering we can provide a tailor made solution to your requirements as each property is unique and
regular reports to validate the condition of your asset including photographic evidence. We will also provide temporary solutions at short notice.

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All security personnel at Vertas are recruited in accordance with BS7858 and receive on commencing employment and regular advanced DBS checks, and where necessary NPPV2 vetting if entry into more restricted areas operated by Suffolk Police is required.

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Head of Security Services

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