Vertas embrace the benefits of chemical-free cleaning

Submitted by Connie Maddock | 16/01/2024

Commercial cleaning has gained heightened importance since COVID-19. Now, with an increased awareness of hygiene, more companies are embracing chemical-free cleaning and the associated benefits.

Vertas is committed to reducing the impact of its operations. In line with achieving its sustainability goals, chemical-free cleaning has become a key component of the company’s operations, creating safe and sanitised spaces whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Many in the cleaning sector are moving away from conventional cleaning methods. Using eco-friendly products, such as Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) technology, minimises adverse effects on the environment.

Environmental Sustainability

For Vertas, integrating chemical-free cleaning into its operations has contributed to a wider commitment to sustainability. Unlike conventional cleaning products, reusable alternatives such as SAO technology reduce pollution and single-use plastics, supporting the wider Vertas Group’s goal of reaching Net Zero by 2030.

Reduced Health Risks

For Vertas’ dedicated employees who remain central to the success of its cleaning operations, a transition to chemical-free cleaning minimises exposure to conventional chemicals, prioritising employee wellbeing.

Transitioning to more sustainable alternatives that convert safely back into oxygen contributes to a healthier indoor work environment free of any chemical residues and fumes. Vertas takes pride in its ongoing commitment to providing safe and healthy workplaces, having earned five consecutive RoSPA Awards.

A Safer, More Sustainable Alternative for Our Clients

The benefits of chemical-free cleaning also extend to Vertas’ clients. The use of more sustainable products provides an opportunity to create spaces that are not only sanitised but also promote better indoor air quality for customers, supporting Vertas’ recent ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health and Safety certification.

The focus of Vertas as an integrated facilities management provider is to ensure facilities are sustainably maintained. Vertas is proud to utilise environmentally friendly solutions, enabling the company to deliver services aligning with its customers’ values.

Implementing chemical-free cleaning exemplifies the company’s commitment to sustainability and its people. Vertas is proud to be at the forefront of an industry embracing a more eco-friendly, health-conscious approach to maintaining clean spaces.

Bill Farley, Head of Cleaning and Specialist Services: “Across the business, we are continually exploring new strategies to maintain a competitive edge; this extends to our hygiene and cleaning services. Integrating chemical-free cleaning enables us to incorporate sustainable practices into our operations that align well with the Vertas Group’s sustainability goals, demonstrating their commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2030.”

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