The Impact of Veganuary: How a plant-based diet can help reach Net Zero

Submitted by Connie Maddock | 23/01/2024

Vertas is pleased to embrace Veganuary and its associated benefits. The campaign offers a structured approach to adopting a plant-based diet, and the company is keen to explore its role in achieving its sustainability goals.

In line with reaching Net Zero by 2030, Vertas is continually looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. In its commitment to tackling the climate crisis, the company is thrilled to participate in Veganuary, promoting a plant-based diet.

For Vertas, embracing meat-free alternatives goes beyond the month-long campaign. Serving at 97 schools and 22 commercial sites, the company is pleased to foster a more environmentally friendly and sustainable food culture all year round.

The initiative aligns with the Group’s value of sustainability by encouraging a reduction in meat consumption and minimising greenhouse emissions. As a company committed to improving environmental responsibility, encouraging a shift towards meat alternatives reflects Vertas’ dedication to creating a greener future.

Vertas Catering works towards lessening environmental impact by offering ‘meat-free Mondays’ across primary school catering locations. Adopting plant-based alternatives that utilise more efficient plant agriculture reduces water usage and curbs greenhouse gas emissions. This plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and addressing climate change.

Offering a lower carbon footprint menu exemplifies the company’s dedication to sustainability, a value underpinning this initiative. Vertas Catering is delighted to engage in the Veganuary, reinforcing its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

Andrew Roy, Associate Director – Food Services: “We are thrilled to offer a menu with a reduced-meat content as part of our commitment to improving environmental performance, this serves as an effective way to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Taking part in Veganuary presents the perfect opportunity to embrace plant-based alternatives and how they can support Vertas in achieving its sustainability goals.”

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