Vertas Group Announces a Continuous Improvement Group

Submitted by Amelia O'Hanlon | 30/03/2021

Vertas Group announces today changes to its Senior Leadership Team (SLT) as part of its efforts to implement its growth strategy.

Effective 1st April 2021, a Continuous Improvement Group (CIG) will be introduced replacing the Senior Leadership Team.

The CIG will be based on a workflow matrix system. Each workflow, 12 in total, will be led by managers that were previously part of the SLT.

The 12 workflows are: Customer, People, Service Standards, Contract Engineering, Company and Governance, CSR and Environmental Impact, Innovation, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, Procurement and Supply Chain, IT and Technology, Management Information and Training and Development.

The CIG leads are:

·       Julia Dolan – Head of Customer Relations
·       Aaron Hughes – Head of People
·       Bill Farley – Head of Cleaning
·       Philippa Brathovde – Head of Business Development
·       Danny Markham – Head of HSQE Compliance and Governance
·       Nadine Coleman – Head of Property Management
·       Karen Pardoe – Head of Educational Catering
·       Wendy Quantrill – Head of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations
·       Dominic Warren – Head of Procurement
·       Matthew Atkinson – Head of IT
·       Karen Morphew – Head of Finance
·       Jo Spencer – Head of Schools’ Choice

Each workflow within the CIG will be mentored by either the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO) or the Associate Directors. The Vertas Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will oversee the CIG.

Vertas Group are pleased to share that an additional 24 colleagues have been selected, based on the company succession plan, to work within the 12 workflows.

The CIG team members are:

·       Gary Lambert – Property Client Account Manager
·       Peter Sutton – Head of Security Services, Oakpark Security
·       Katie Robinette – People Team Manager
·       Zara Zurowski – People Advisor
·       Lee Johns – Head of FM
·       Brian Williams – Operations Manager, Churchill Catering
·       Adam Brough – Senior Operations Manager, Churchill Catering
·       Rachel Shaw – Head of Vertas Derbyshire Limited
·       Martyn Kenworthy – Head of Passenger Services and Fleet
·       Louise Enoch – Legal and Commercial Contracts Advisor
·       Katie Seager – Executive PA to CEO
·       Claire Rush – Operations Team Support Manager
·       Sian Durrant – Group Project Manager
·       Lauren Irvine – Property Project Manager
·       Amelia O’Hanlon – Marketing Lead
·       Andrew Pemberton – Business Development Manager
·       Nina Whale – Category Manager
·       Sue Mahoney – Customer Relations Manager
·       Ed Smith – Deputy Head of Security Services, Oakpark Security
·       Lucy Brick – Business Analyst
·       Philip Bailey – Financial Analysis and Reporting Manager
·       Chris Furmston – Statutory Finance Manager
·       Emily Strickland – Compliance Training Manager
·       Natasha Levy – Organisational Development Business Partner

Ian Surtees MBA FIoD, Group Chief Executive Officer, comments:

“I am confident that the newly established CIG, strengthened by collective knowledge, expertise and collaboration will be instrumental as we recover from the impact of Covid-19.”

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