Vertas Group achieve Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation

Submitted by Connie Maddock | 11/07/2024

Vertas Group is pleased to further its commitment to cybersecurity and data protection by achieving Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation.

The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security, ensuring its clients, partners, and colleagues can have full confidence in the safety and security of its operations.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus

The rigorous cybersecurity certification goes beyond the basic cyber essentials, proving that the company adheres to the highest security practices. To achieve certification, Vertas Group has successfully demonstrated robust security practices and adherence to stringent cybersecurity standards. The accreditation process involves an external assessment by an independent certification body.

The team is dedicated to staying ahead of potential threats, from investing in advanced security measures to regularly updating systems. Additionally, each team member is educated on best cyber security practices.

What does this mean for Vertas Group?

Vertas Group is pleased to celebrate this significant achievement; however, it is keen to recognise that cybersecurity is an ongoing effort. The team is continuously looking to implement additional measures to reduce the likelihood of cyber security incidents.

Furthermore, receiving this accreditation exemplifies the company’s ability to be agile, a value at the core of the Group’s IT endeavours.

The Group’s commitment to agility means the company is always one step ahead. This not only protects Vertas Group but also ensures it can maintain exceptional service for customers.

In an ever-changing digital landscape, cyber threats are constantly evolving. The agility demonstrated in achieving this accreditation showcases the Group’s ability to implement and adapt to new security measures quickly.

Jonathan Miller, Associate Director IT and Systems, said:  “We are thrilled to achieve this accreditation. This certification is a demonstration of the hard work and importance our internal and external IT teams place on Cyber Security.  We view this accreditation as a statement of commitment to the safety and security of our data and that of our partners and customers.”

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