Pool Cars

The new Pool Car fleet has arrived…

Our brand new fleet of Toyota Yaris, Auris and Rav4 are available for your hire now!


On top of having new cars to zip around in we have also invested in new, innovative technology called Local Motion, by ZipCar. This new tech will mean the end of booking pool cars on FM Facts and instead you’ll be able to book online or via the app (available on Apple and Android devices).


If you are a current pool car user, or wish to have access to use pool cars in future, please submit your details to Vertas Central Bookings Team together with your ID badge number


***POOL CAR UPDATE (13.09.17)***


Car rate reductions!

Further to the
launch of our innovative new Pool Car service, Vertas is delighted to announce
cost reductions for the daily hire of vehicles.

Rate Costs:

  • Yaris £30 – Full Day 6am to 6pm (£5.00
  • Auris £35 – Full Day 6am to 6pm (£2.00
  • Rav4 £40 – Full Day 6am to 6pm

All vehicles are inclusive of the first 60 miles with no
mileage or fuel charge. Additional charges apply after 60 miles at £0.26
per mile.


Hourly rate Costs:

  • Yaris: £4 per hour
  • Auris: £5 per hour
  • RAV 4: £6 per hour

(Maximum cost per car per day would be the full day rate as
indicated above)


Reminders for users:

  • Please
    report any damage immediately by using the app or calling the bookings team
  • Please ensure you leave the car how you would expect to find it by
    removing any rubbish and cleaning spillages
  • Please leave at least ¼ tank of fuel after returning your car to
    the hub

Top Tips for

  • If
    you have finished your journey early please
    ‘end your ride’ on your
    phone app or the website. This will ensure you are only charged for the time
    you use the car, not the amount of time you had it booked for and enables other
    users to have access to the returned vehicles as early as possible.
  • Blue Light:
    Look for a car of the
    same type that you’ve booked e.g. an automatic or a hybrid, etc.
    You must
    look for a blue light which fades slowly in and out.
    If a car has a blue
    light which blinks off and on abruptly it is not available.
  • Green Light: Tap
    and Go vehicles to be used at any time. (No more than 3 hours)
  • Red Light:
    The car is out of use
    due to damage / maintenance.

For further
information please call the bookings team 01473 264000, Option 4.

General information:

  1. If you ordinarily
    book cars for other people (eg, person A books for B) you cannot do this
    anymore. Person B must book it themselves, using the app or online web portal.
  2. If you are 30
    minutes late picking up your car it will automatically cancel. You will not be
    able to access the car. You will need to contact bookings to unlock. Otherwise
    if you know you are going to be late, you are able to extend in- app or
    online or by phone with Bookings. If you are 30 minutes early or more you
    will not be able to access your car.
  3. If you leave the car
    unattended at collection point and do not “tap out” to lock it, the car will
    auto-lock after 5 minutes. If you are offsite or away from a collection point
    the car will lock after 15 minutes.
  4. Car keys are kept in
    the vehicle at all times. You lock the car and unlock it with your badge.
    (Keep the keys in the vehicle)
  5. If you have trouble
    finding a car, Bookings can help by flashing lights, honking horn etc. This
    function is also available in app.
  6. The App will not
    work on current SCC standard-issue Windows phones.
  7. Pool car gates:
    please close the gate behind you the door is no longer on a key.
  8. New Fuel cards can ONLY
    be used at Shell, Texaco, Total, Gulf and Esso. This is a PIN enabled process.
    The PIN is 2640. (Do not use at supermarkets)
  9. Hybrid / Automatics: Please be patient: it can sometimes take up to
    twominutes to unlock the car. Please do not double tap your card or keep trying
    as this will seize up the reader and lock you out.
  10. All vehicles to be used for business purposes only including weekends.
  11. There is flexibility within the system but you must look for the same vehicle
    type as booked. If you have booked a Yaris manual, you may take any Yaris
    manual with the slowly fading in and out type of blue light. Similarly
    if you have booked an Automatic Auris you must look for an Automatic Auris with
    that same fading blue light. If you had booked a Hybrid Diesel, you must look
    for that vehicle type and so on.

If you require any further details about the new service, please contact centralbookings@vertas.co.uk or call 01473 264000 (option 4)