Here’s how Vertas are using Pacvac to power continuous improvement

Submitted by Connie Maddock | 27/03/2024

To prioritise service delivery for customers and enhance employee wellbeing, Vertas is pleased to use Pacvac vacuum cleaners in its operations, enhancing productivity.

As an established industry leader, Vertas readily explores new solutions to maintain a competitive edge. The company has been incorporating Pacvac vacuum cleaners into its operations and is delighted to enhance efficiency, productivity and overall service delivery.


Vertas is pleased to lead by example, embracing its core value of sustainability and cultivating a workplace that cares for the planet. Investing in battery-powered Pacvac vacuums that reduce energy consumption and generate less waste has enabled colleagues to incorporate sustainable practices into everyday operations.

Elevating efficiency

For Vertas’ dedicated employees, Pacvac vacuum cleaners were introduced to increase the overall productivity of cleaning operations. Aligning seamlessly with the Vertas cleaning teams’ One Best Way approach, the vacuums enable colleagues to streamline workflows.

Since incorporating Pacvac vacuum cleaners, Vertas’ team productivity on-site has been significantly enhanced. Vertas’ cleaning team can now vacuum more efficiently, allowing colleagues to transition to other tasks swiftly. Prioritising continuous improvement is paramount for Vertas, and increasing operational productivity aligns with the company’s values.

With an innovative design, the vacuums simplify cleaning operations significantly, enabling the team to deliver excellence. With the cordless design and powerful suction, colleagues can provide a reliable and consistent cleaning solution.

Ease of use

Initially, there was some apprehension accompanying the transition from a more traditional vacuum. However, colleagues soon became accustomed to the Pacvac model, finding its lightweight, ergonomic design more comfortable and user-friendly.

A safe and compliant workplace

As a company striving to create a safe and compliant workplace, the wireless design of Pacvac effectively addresses health and safety concerns associated with trailing wires. This reduced risk of injury supports Vertas’ recent ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety certification, promoting a safer workplace.

Ben Ledwick, Vertas Regional Cleaning Manager: “The Pacvac has allowed us to ensure that we can vacuum our contracts more efficiently. It has meant that the vacuuming task now takes less time so that we can focus on other required tasks per our service-level agreements. With the batteries, we have removed the health and safety concerns around trailing wires, and stairs have been made cleaner and safer to clean.”

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