Thomas Gainsborough School – Energy Case Study

Thomas Gainsborough School is part of Unity Schools Partnership (formerly Samuel Ward Multi-Academy Trust). During their regular bill validation process and consumption analysis, Vertas identified usage that appeared to be considerably higher than expected outside of school hours.

Our objectives

  • To identify the periods of unusual consumption and to assess the cost impact to the school
  • To support the school with our team’s knowledge to guide them in finding the right solution to their over expenditure

Our solution

  • We set up a weekly report that demonstrated both numerically and graphically the excessive consumption
  • We supported the school in regular meetings with technical knowledge and finding a solution to the issues
  • We supported the change of the building management system in the school.

Thomas Gainsborough

Key benefits for the school

After 24 months of reporting and meetings with the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and the construction company involved in building the school, it was identified that the building management system was the cause of the excessive consumption. An approximate overspend of £10,000 has been identified and claimed for the school.

We have found the support that we have received from Vertas invaluable. Their knowledge and expertise identifying and challenging inaccurate billing and unnecessary consumption has saved our school thousands.”

Liz Clements, Premise Manager

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