Bolt-on Property Services

Schools and academies can buy individual items in this package at the start of the financial year or at any time during the year. They are designed to help schools and academies who may not have staff with the appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out general maintenance.

Additional response calls

  • Additional calls per year to allow you to request work you would like our Property Management team to carry out

Monthly water hygiene checks

  • Monthly checks and temperature recordings to water outlets

Annual domestic gas and electrical appliance checks

  • To enable the premises to demonstrate that the equipment the pupils are using is safe to operate

Annual heating controls check and set

  • A check carried out at the start of the heating season, normally during September and October, to ensure the plant is set to run at the times required by the school and as efficiently as possible

External decorations

  • Your Property Advisor and Property Management contractors will work with you to agree areas for the works and set budgets

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

  • A service which allows the Premises Responsible Person to meet the health and safety requirements under the Electricity at Work  Act and Health and Safety legislation.

PV panels check

  • This is an annual service, to assess if PV panels are working to their full potential

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

  • We will carry out a Fire Risk Assessment as required. This is usually when a FRA is reviewed, or not in place or a significant change has taken place, such as a remodelling or an extension built

Staff training

  • We can facilitate the provision of training around aspects of premises management, such as water hygiene or health and safety

Annual check to external lighting

  • Carried out from October to December, this includes replacing lamps which are defective

Annual inspection and flush of surface drains

  • Carried out from September to December to ensure surface drains are clear and running to prevent flooding and ice forming in playgrounds and on walkways

Annual gutter clearance

  • To prevent maintenance issues.

If you would like to know more about the bolt-on services and already have a service with Vertas Property Management, please contact your Property Advisor.

Alternatively, if you are a new customer, please contact us via the following methods: