Building Technician

This service has been designed with you and your building repair and maintenance needs in mind.

Do you ever struggle to find high quality but affordable repairs and maintenance technicians for your establishment? The Vertas ‘Building Technician’ service could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Vertas offers a building maintenance service; open to all. The service will offer exactly what it says on the tin; a ‘Handyman’ providing whatever (non-technical) support to ensure your establishment is kept operational.

Our service range includes; but is not limited to:

  • Hanging whiteboards, noticeboards, shelving, curtains, doors, washroom fittings etc.
  • Furniture repairs, door furniture, washroom fittings, washers and taps
  • Assembling Furniture
  • Moving Furniture and Equipment
  • Replacing Ceiling Tiles
  • Changing Lightbulbs*
  • Replacing Smoke Alarm Batteries*
  • Minor redecoration
  • External repairs to fencing and gates
  • Carpet fitting and much more…

*Under 3 meters in height

Whether you’re in a small school, or a large business; this service will offer you peace-of-mind and support you in running a safe and functional building.

For more information please click on the leaflet below:

  • Alternatively, you can call us on 01284 758680 or 01502 674800

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