Health and Safety Policy


Vertas Group Limited (The Organisation) aims to ensure that standards of health, safety, and well-being for all our staff, service users and others who may be affected by what we do, are comparable with those of the best and most responsible organisations in the country. We recognise that good health and safety management benefits our organisation and the customers we serve.

Vertas exists to provide quality services to our customers and clients. The delivery of these services relies on people throughout the organisation. The protection of our human resource is therefore essential to maintaining service delivery and contributing effectively to partnerships.


To meet this aim, we will:

  • Conduct all our activities safely and in compliance with legal requirements and good practice
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • Promote a positive culture towards health, safety and welfare issues, by the implementation of a Health and safety management system HSG65
  • Continuous improvement will be measured and monitored across the organisation.

Working together

People, not regulations, are the key to safe and healthy workplaces. Everyone within our organisation has a responsibility for health and safety.

Achieving our aim and objectives requires everyone to play their part. This depends on everyone having a common understanding of the identification, assessment and control of risks based on competence (i.e. knowledge, skill, and behaviour).

  • We will therefore ensure that all members of staff are appropriately trained to enable them to work safely
  • We will have identified roles and responsibilities across the organisation regarding the implementation of the management system.

Managers and supervisors at all levels are directly responsible for ensuring that the organisations health and safety policy is known and acted upon. Delegation cannot discharge this responsibility.

Employees must take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what they do, or fail to do, at work.

Employees must take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what they do, or fail to do, at work.


The Head of HSQE will:

  • Set the Organisation’s strategy for effectively managing health and safety risks
  • Promote high standards of health and safety throughout the Organisation
  • Monitor the implementation, operation and effectiveness of the Organisation’s health and safety management system and arrangements
  • Receive feedback from senior managers on the progress against agreed plans for health and safety improvement.

All services will allocate sufficient time and resources to enable health and safety to be managed effectively, within operational parameters.

I am personally committed to making Vertas Group Limited one of the safest and healthiest places to work, and I expect a similar level of commitment from all our employees to help me achieve this goal.

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