Are your Energy Bills Correct?

Submitted by Amelia O'Hanlon | 30/01/2020


Yesterday’s news that the UK’s second largest energy supplier, will have to pay £8.9m after sending inaccurate bills highlights how often incorrect bills are being sent. Although they are a domestic supplier, the same thing often happens in the commercial sector too.

It’s not easy to estimate your energy bill as the sector sees constant changes. Approximately 60% of each bill comprises government taxes, levies and infrastructure costs and as these are constantly changing, you need to be an expert to keep track of it all!

Every organisation needs energy to function well, and with budgets squeezed, we’re happy to welcome new customers who are turning to us to ensure they are not paying over the odds on their energy consumption.

Our Bill Validation service ensures you only pay for the energy you use at the rates agreed with the supplier. If you overpay, we’ll deal directly with suppliers to resolve the issue and recover wrongly paid monies.

Last year, the Vertas energy team saved many thousands of pounds for our clients. One such was the Thomas Gainsborough School in Ipswich, who we recovered more than £10,000 for. Click here to read how we helped.

If you want to ensure you’re not paying over the odds, learn more here or contact Tim Clemons on 07512 193801 or at now.

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